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We can offer you the following services:


  • Translations in all combinations of the languages Czech, German and English
  • Other language combinations on request
  • All our translators without exception translate into their mother tongue, in addition to having the necessary experience and specialist knowledge in the field.
  • To ensure translation quality all our translations are re-checked by a second translator. Even with very urgent work it is usually possible to carry out at least a sample check.
  • With translations into German we concentrate particularly (but not exclusively) on IT, business and legal texts. Because of our many direct contacts on the Czech translation market we can provide translations into Czech in virtually any field.

Public tenders:

  • Depending on your needs and specifications we can monitor Czech contracts that are put out to tender which might interest your company. As required, we can prepare an overview of the main tender conditions, translate the tender documentation and your bid, and keep you informed about further developments in the process of awarding the contract.

If you have particular requests we will be glad to make you an offer tailored specially to your requirements.

Tel./Fax: (+420) 233 374 264

Mobile: (+420) 606 475 382

or via E-Mail:



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